1.3. Cleansing

The SRA will provide top-up cleaning services within the public areas to those provided by the City of Cape Town. A full-time cleaning team will be tasked with the following responsibilities:
 Managing litter
 Street sweeping
 Illegal dumping
 Bush clearing
 Reporting of environmental threats to public health and safety
 Maintaining formal and informal green areas within the MMID
 Monitoring of, and reporting on public infrastructure and maintenance issues – such as broken street signs, blocked drains, broken streetlights, missing drain covers – and reporting regularly to the City of Cape Town.
The cleaning team will be employed directly by the SRA in terms of a competitive process.
The cleaning team will consist of a cleaning and maintenance supervisor and four general workers. The SRA will purchase a Hyundai H100 tipper truck, which will be used by the cleaning team to take litter and rubbish to the dump.
Unemployed people supervised by the cleaning and maintenance supervisor will be employed every month to conduct major clean-up projects in the area as part of the cleaning strategic programme.

‘Top up’, or additional, cleaning services as identified in the perception survey and elsewhere in this document will be provided. To facilitate this, a cleansing plan will be developed and implemented.