4.6. Urban Management

The MMID budget will include a provision for costs such as keeping verges tidy, cleaning streets and storm water gullies, tending to plants and shrubs, as well as any other expenses that fall within the scope of the City’s responsibility but where the City does not have the capacity to provide these services to the required standard of the property owners.
The MMID will help with these aspects by providing support in the following ways:
 Identifying infrastructure maintenance and development projects and developing project plans for these
 Appointing contractors for the above development and maintenance projects
 Liaising with the local authority with regard to services such as cleaning, road maintenance, illegal signage, illegal dumping, and others, to ensure the provision of these services for the area from the City and other service providers
 Providing ‘top-up’ additional municipal services as identified in the perception survey and the Business Plan on an ongoing basis
 Monitoring and reporting on environmental and noise pollution offenders
 Encouraging recycling and promoting waste minimization through education and awareness on waste and water pollution
 Make minor repairs where necessary
 Develop and implement a greening plan
 Coordination actions with CoCT departments
 Log C3 notifications, and follow these up.
Budget has been provided to employ workers (preferably homeless or unemployed people) once a month to pick up litter, clean streets and clear bush. Wherever possible, this will be done with the oversight of NGOs.
The above activities will be coordinated with the relevant CoCT departments.

4.6.1. Vehicles

The following vehicles will be acquired:
1 x Chevy Utility or Nissan NPV bakkie for the use of the manager; 1 x Hyundai H100 – fitted with a tipper load bed for cleaning and maintenance.