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About The MMID

The MMID is managed by a Board of Directors comprising local property owners and business people committed to the improvement and upliftment of the area.

The Board currently includes a Chairman and four Directors who manage the following portfolios: Operations, Public Safety, Cleaning, Urban Management, Social Development, Marketing and Finance.

None of the board members is financially compensated for their contribution to the MMID.

The MMID employs three permanent staff members – Gary Bower (Operations Manager), Lianne Lippert (Office Manager) and Alda van Niekerk (Projects Co-Ordinator).

Security services are presently outsourced, whilst the cleaning services are done by an inhouse team.

Board of Directors

Chair / Director – Cleaning & Urban – Dave Enticott – dave@motorwisecpt.co.za

Vice Chair / Director – Operations / Public Safety – Tony Pronk – tony@mghw.co.za

Director – Marketing / Social Development – Karen Davis – chairman@gtaf.org.za

Director – Finance – Kenji Lo – kenji@kentermetals.com

Director Cleaning / Urban Maintenance – Dennis Powell – dennis@capegardencare.co.za