In line with our goal in 2019 to upgrade and green selected areas in the MMID area, our second project was the upgrade of the verge next to BUCO, on the Corner of Montague Drive and Koeberg Road.

This project being done alongside our previous upgrade done in 2017 at the intersection of Koeberg Road and Montague Drive, where we want to achieve a continuation along this entrance into Montague Gardens.

This upgrade included the removal of a 1m strip of grey gabion rocks along the older upgrade to allow for the planting of water-wise plants. This flows into the 5m wide verge that has now been cleared of weeds, where rows of water-wise plants have been planted to grow into a lush evergreen border to welcome visitors into Montague Gardens.

To link up with Arbor Week at the beginning of September, we planted 10 Ilex Mitis trees, better known as Cape Holy trees.

There is a wonderful saying:

“The one who plants trees, knowing that he will never sit in their shade, has started to understand the meaning of life.”

Hopefully, we will lead by example and motivate more people to think about generations to come and leave a living legacy.