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Culprits pay a high price for illegal dumping in Montague Gardens & Marconi Beam

The MMID calls on members of the public to report illegal dumping in Montague Gardens and Marconi Beam to the MMID.

Despite the best efforts of the MMID public safety team and a number of successes by the MMID and Law Enforcement, Illegal dumping in the area continues to be a major problem.

A number of culprits have been issued with fines and one culprit had their vehicle impounded. The associated fine and cost of retrieving the vehicle was R15 000.00

It has been determined that the culprits mainly come from outside the area to dump rubbish in Montague Gardens and Marconi Beam.  Small building contractors and garden service companies among others, do not want to pay the fees required to dump building material at approved dump sites.

Unfortunately a number of local businesses have also been caught red handed dumping in the area.

Vagrants and cart horse operators in the area are also guilty of dumping what they can’t sell to scrap dealers and recycling companies.

It costs the City of Cape Town and the MMID a lot of money to remove the rubbish and to keep the area neat and tidy.  It is both money and time that could be put to a better use.

It is therefore imperative that the public alerts the MMID of incidents of illegal dumping or suspicious behaviour so that the appropriate action can be taken.

You can notify Law Enforcement by contacting them on their 107 telephone number or

To report illegal dumping in your community, call 0860 103 089.

If you have the culprit’s vehicle registration number and/or can identify him/her, call 021 400 6157 or email solidwaste.bylaw@capetown.gov.za.




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