Have You Started Your Water Committee Yet?

If the answer’s no, that needs to change, writes Murray Hunter for GroundUp.

Do you have a water committee on your residential block? Is there a structure at your child’s school, planning how to keep the doors open when water runs out? If you’re employed, do you have one in the building where you work?

If the answer’s no, that needs to change, writes Murray Hunter for GroundUp.

As the water crisis deepens in Cape Town, and the threat of Day Zero – a total shut-off of water across most parts of the city – becomes an increasingly likely reality, there needs to be a water committee in every single building and on every single street.

A recent advisory by the World Wildlife Fund SA on planning for Day Zero prompts the question: “Will my office still be open?

“…Start talking to your boss and your colleagues now: How are your premises prepared for Day Zero, and how can you work remotely, via the cloud, if not? How many people will need to stay at home because their children’s schools are closed?”

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