Main Road clean-up project

Main Road clean-up project


At the MMID we strive to improve and upgrade our area.

With this in mind, we have embarked on a long-term Urban Management and Social Development project that will tidy up and upgrade the main roads serving Montague Gardens and Marconi Beam, as well as providing jobs for unemployed individuals from the Joe Slovo community.

The aim of the project it is to neaten edges along pavements and walkways, trim the overgrown grass and cut back on shrubs and therefore bringing the general look and feel of the area up to a standard that can easily be maintained by the service providers in our area.

By upgrading the overall neatness of the area, business owners, tenants and a large number of employees in the area will take pride in Montague Gardens and get on board to help maintain it.

This project will be providing casual work opportunities for unemployed individuals from the Joe Slovo community, therefore supporting a number of households with additional income.

We further plan to empower these individuals with updated CV’s and a recent reference that will assist in finding permanent employment in the future. 

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