MMID Patroller rescues disabled man

An MMID patroller rescues a disabled man who’s crutches were stolen.

Late at night on the 1st of October, one of the MMID patrollers came across a man sleeping in the open.

He got out of his vehicle to investigate only to find that the man had one leg and struggled to move. His crutches were stolen the day before and he was trying to crawl home!

Paramedics from the Ndabeni ambulance station responded to the call for assistance from the MMID and assisted Andile new crutches.

Andile had not eaten for the entire day. Our MMID patroller gave him food and a lift to his house.

The MMID appreciates the good work that our patrollers do and is grateful for the assistance of the paramedics from the Ndabeni ambulance station.

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