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Mobile Business Policy sets out Do’s and Don’ts

CCT have drafted a Mobile Business Policy that aims to support the growing mobile business sector in Cape Town, and CCT want you to comment on it.

Businesses operating from cars and trailers, such as food trucks, barber shops and clothing shops have become popular in Cape Town, and we would like to put measures in place to make it easier for businesses to operate within this sector.

What’s in the draft policy?

  • The proposed definition of a mobile business;
  • Rules, roles and responsibilities of the City and the business owners, ranging from permit application, approval processes and operating dos and don’ts;
  • Introducing Mobile Business Trading Areas, which allows mobile businesses to trade in specific areas;
  • Proposing that it only applies to City land, and not private land and events.

Make sure you submit your views on the draft Mobile Business Policy by Thursday, 4 August 2022. Submit your comment online or at your nearest sub council office.

Draft Mobile Business Policy English

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