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Montague Drive – Link Road upgrade

The Montague Gardens Marconi Beam Improvement District (MMID) is committed to upgrading and greening the area.

One of the aims of the MMID is to improve the aesthetic appearance of our business area by upgrading intersections and other corners of main roads that have been left to deteriorate over time.

One such intersection is at the heart of Montague Gardens, at the intersection of Montague Drive and Link Road.

A sandy hill had become overgrown with weeds and the few trees that have been growing there had been affected by the recent droughts in Cape Town, so much so to the extent that one tree, in particular, was blown over in a storm last winter.

The sidewalk had become a strip of dry sandy soil that would become muddy in wet weather, leaving pedestrians with wet and muddy feet.

The MMID and its Directors planned and budgeted the upgrade of the intersection, which was completed in mid-August 2019.

A gravel sidewalk will allow commuters to step onto busses and taxis with cleaner and drier feet. Some large rocks add to a natural-looking landscape, along with with the fallen tree trunk, as well as the planting of water-wise plants which will “grow” into an area we can be proud of and where people will enjoy waiting for their ride home after a long day at work. 

We would like to thank the following people who helped to make this project possible:

Afrimat for the Rip Rap rocks and Gabion edging stones

Van Huffel Plant Hire for supply and delivery of the gravel

JRE transport for transporting our rocks and the TLB for the excavation of the area

Agrituin for supplying the Shieldguard for under the gravel

Dennis Powel for invaluable advice on landscaping and plants


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