Off to a great start ! Montague Gardens -Marconi Beam Improvement District (MMID)

Gary Bower, operations director of the MMID with three members of the public safety team

The MMID was officially established on 1 July 2017 but a lot of work had to be done before operations could commence.


The MMID board has appointed Captain Gary Bower as the operations manager and Lianne Lippert has been appointed to provide Gary with administrative support.

Please feel free to contact them on 021 200 59 75 or 

Public safety and cleaning

The board is pleased to announce that Star Rapid Response and Vizual Multi Service Group have been appointed as the public safety and cleaning service providers.

Both companies commenced operations on the 1st of September.  Keep a look out for the three yellow and red public safety bakkies and the cleaning team.

The MMID cleaning team vehicle on the road

A long time in the making

The establishment of the MMID has taken over five years to complete and a lot of work was put into it by the founding board members and individuals who have since had to resign due to business commitments.

To this end the board would like to thank Jenny Bedeman of Superior Spa & Bath and Councillor Dr Joy McCarthy.


A special thank you to those property owners who funded the establishment of the MMID by providing seed capital without any guarantee that their contributions would be refunded.

Contributors are listed below in alphabetical order:

AMS – Air Movement Supplies

Action Frames

De La Porte Property Group

Expo Property Organization

The Ivor Korck Trust

Jack Agencies

Montague Gardens Hardware

Montague Park Body Corporate 2

Pure Air Technologies

Platinum Junction Body Corporate

The founding directors from left to right: Jedd Williams, Camilla Keating, Tony Pronk,
Jonty de la Porte, Peter Mann & John Ackermann

Become a member of the MMID to vote

Please note that membership of the MMID is not automatic, even although you own property in the area and pay the MMID levy.

To become a member of the MMID you must complete the membership form and send it back to the MMID office. Follow these links to download the membership form:



Property owners are encouraged to become members because only members can vote at the statutory company meetings and exercise their rights.

Property owners who are not members may attend and participate at meetings but cannot vote.

Monthly board meetings

The MMID board will meet on the 2nd Wednesday of every month at 10h00. MMID members and property owners are welcome to attend the first thirty minutes of the meetings to provide input.

The next board meeting will be held on Wednesday the 13th September at the MMID office, Unit 5 Platinum Junction, School Street, Milnerton.

Kindly contact the office on 021 200 5975 or to RSVP if you would liike to attend the meeting or future meetings.

Report suspicious activity & faults

You are encouraged to report crimes, suspicious activity, illegal dumping and faults or problems with municipal infrastructure to the MMID.

Please get involved, the more informed the MMID is, the more it can do to improve Montague Gardens and Marconi Beam.

Contact the MMID office on 021 200 5975 or by email on and

You can also contact the 24/7 control room on 021 200 5975



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