Property owners: please sign and return your SRA consent form before 30 September 2016

From: Montague Gardens-Marconi Beam SRA (Improvement District) Steering Committee

Dear Property Owner,

Property-related crimes and vandalism, and other forms of crime in Montague Gardens-Marconi Beam are burdening property owners and tenants with considerable expense and inconvenience.

Litter and illegal dumping are taking place unreported and unchecked and result in the impression that Montague Gardens-Marconi Beam is not a well-looked-after and sought-after area.

This could lead to urban degradation, which if not halted and reversed could lead to a flight of tenants and businesses. The consequence would be higher vacancy rates, lower rentals and stagnant to falling property prices, as well as erosion of the significant investments that have been made in the area.

Establishing a Special Ratings Area (SRA) is the proven method for stopping and reversing urban degradation.

SRAs are established in almost every other industrial area in the Cape Town Metropole, and Montague Gardens-Marconi Beam is one of the remaining areas that has yet to establish an SRA.

The following will form part of the services provided by the SRA: a dedicated urban manager and staff; a full-time cleaning and maintenance team; a dedicated security team, with 24-hour presence, including vehicle patrols; Law Enforcement Officers, with the power to issue fines and make arrests; and CCTV cameras monitored 24/7.

The cost of providing the services proposed in the business plan for the Montague Gardens-Marconi Beam SRA has been budgeted at R5.882 million per annum. This translates into a monthly SRA levy per property owner of R59.29 (excl VAT) per

R1 million of property value. This levy will be collected from all property owners, by the City of Cape Town together with their property rates.

To establish the SRA for Montague Gardens-Marconi Beam, 50% plus one of all property owners within the boundaries of the SRA must sign the attached consent form and return it by 30 September 2016.

If this requirement is not met, the next opportunity to establish an SRA in the area will be only in July 2018, with the crucial question being can the area wait this long, considering the rapid rate of degradation.

To establish an SRA in Montague Gardens-Marconi Beam, one consent form per property – regardless of whether it is a single-title erf or a sectional title unit – must be completed. In other words, owners of more than one property will complete one form per property.

If owners require a copy of the Business Plan and five-year budget, they can contact the MMID – see the contact details below – or download these from

Guidelines for completing the Consent Form:

 It would be greatly appreciated if you would kindly complete and sign the attached form for each of your properties.

Individual property owners need to complete Part A1 of the form. If you are signing on behalf of an owner/s and have the authority to do so, please complete Part A1 and Part B.

If you are signing on behalf of an organisation, company, trust or group of owners, and have the authority to do so, please complete Part A2 and Part B.

For owners of multiple sectional title units or properties who wish to sign only one form pertaining to their properties, a schedule listing all of the units and/or properties under consideration should be attached to the form. Where this results in more than one page for the consent form and schedule of properties, please initial all pages.

Please return the completed form to the MMID office by fax or email (see contact details below), or post it to PO Box 1166, Milnerton, 7435. Alternatively, please contact the MMID, and we will gladly collect your completed form.

NB: This form must reach the MMID office by no later than 30 September 2016.

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