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Transitioning Montague Gardens into an Eco-Industrial Park

Transitioning Montague Gardens into an Eco-Industrial Park
Here is the information you need to participate in GreenCape’s Materials Flow Analysis.

The City of Cape Town’s resilience strategy aims to increase economic growth and environmental quality within the City. One of the many projects listed underneath the strategy is the development of Eco-Industrial Parks (EIPs).

An Eco-Industrial Park is an area where businesses cooperate with each other and with the local community in an attempt to reduce waste and pollution, efficiently share resources (such as information, materials, water, energy, infrastructure, and natural resources), and help achieve sustainable development, with the intention of increasing economic gains and improving environmental quality .
The Montague Gardens industrial area has been identified as having the potential to transition towards an Eco-Industrial Park. Therefore, the City in partnership with GreenCape is conducting a Material Flow Analysis with all the manufacturing companies, as a first phase to the project.
The project aims to uncover opportunities for increased resource efficiency, municipal infrastructure plans, and spin-off business opportunities for the local community.
Some of the opportunities we have identified so far are shared recycling services, combined logistics for employees with late-night shifts, and the potential reuse of treated effluent from the wastewater treatment plant.


GreenCape is, therefore, engaging with companies in the area, to complete the Material Flow Analysis. If you have not been contacted as yet and would like to participate in the project, please contact Taahirah Ghoor at GreenCape.
Taahirah@Green-Cape.co.za / 021 811 0250

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