Done: A group of property owners in the area determine the need for an improvement district (ID) or special ratings areas (SRA) in the area. The property owners form a steering committee and approach the City of Cape Town (Coct) to start the process of forming an ID.

Done: The boundaries of the proposed ID are determined. The City conducts a “rates arrears profile” to ensure that the area is sufficiently up to date with the payment of property rates.

Done: The steering committee starts the process of conducting a survey or needs analysis of property owners to assess the perceived needs of the area.  In other words, what the property owners feel is most important and require attention. These are usually broken down into four main categories:

  •  Safety and security (crime).
  •  Cleanliness (grime).
  •  The state of the public spaces in the area and the built environment (roads, pavements, open spaces, street lights etc.)
  •  Social environment – homelessness and vagrancy.

Done: A 5 year budget and a business plan based on the outcome of the survey is then drawn up by the steering committee and approved by the Coct when  they complete  a process of financial modelling to make certain that the proposed budget is feasible.

Done: The 5 year budget and business plan must then be presented to the property owners in the area at  least two public meetings.  Adverts must be placed in newspapers to make property owners aware of the public meetings.

Done:  Submit application for an SRA.

Done: Host second public meeting.

Done: Objection period.

Done: Obtain approval from CoCT.

Done: MMID offically established – July 2017.

Done: MMID Operations Manager appointed – 10 July 2017

Done:  As of 1 September 2017, Star Rapid Response and Vizual Property Care have been               appointed as the Public Safety Service Provider and the Cleaning service provider.

Coming up:  A Special General Meeting (SGM) of the members of the Montague Gardens                          Marconi Beam NPC will be held on the 6th of December 2017 at 10 am at                                the Milnerton Library.